Applied Art | Artistic Facades | Metal Facades | Storefronts | Eye Catchers

made of brass, bronze, corten steel (rusted steel) or stainless steel

Facade Art
Facade Art | Giant Seat Scupture
Facade Artwork
Facade Artwork (Sample)

Eye Catcher

Facade Design 'Bale Of Cloth'
Facade Art Of Stainless Steel
Facade Art (Study)

Facade | Rusted Steel

Canopy | Stainless Steel

Facade For A Haircutter

Metal Facade | Bank Of Youth

Eye Catcher

Eye Catcher | Bulthaup Studio

Canopy 'Cafe Art'
Facade Artwork Welded With Bronze
Facade Artwork, 1991

Artists At Work, 2013

Welded Artistic Facades | Eye Catchers made of Metal | Rusted Steel Facades | Aristic Storefronts | Modern Art made of Brass, Bronze, Steel or Stainless Steel | Welded Art for Sale | Commissioned Artworks | Designed, Manufactured and Sold by GAHR