Artistic Fireplace Mantels - Ethanol Fire Sculptures
Applied Art, made of brass, bronze, corten steel (rusted steel) or stainless steel

Welded Ball Sculpture

Ball Sculpture With Candels

Modern Fireplace Sculpture

Fireplace Sculpture

Modern Art Fireplace Mantel - Welded Fireplace for Sale

Modern Art Fireplace
Polished / Rusted
Exhibit €17.000,-
(+ oven insert €2.583,-)

Contemporary Fireplace for Living Room

Corten Steel

Outdoor Fireplace Sculture for Sale

Ethanol Fireplace/Torch

Metal Fireplace Artwork - Fired with Ethanol

Ethanol Fireplace Sculpture

Unique Metal Design - Contemporary Sculpture - Fired with Ethanol

Unique Metal Design 'Fireball'

Rusted Fireplace Mantel for Living Room

Fireplace Mantel - Rusted Steel

Custom Fireplace Mantels

Fireplace Mantel

'Oblique Position'

'Web Of Lines'

'Predetermined Breaking Point'