Artistic Fireplace Mantels - Ethanol Fire Sculptures

Applied art made of brass, bronze, corten or stainless steel

- chronological order - most recent first -

Welded Ball Sculpture

Ball Sculpture With Candels

Modern Fireplace Sculpture

Fireplace Sculpture

Modern Art Fireplace Mantel - Welded Fireplace for Sale - Buy Art Online & Commission-Free Directly from Artist

Modern Art Fireplace
Polished / Rusted
Exhibit for Sale: €17.000,-
(+ oven insert for €2.583,-)

Contemporary Fireplace for Living Room

Corten Steel

Outdoor Fireplace Sculture for Sale

Ethanol Fireplace/Torch

Metal Fireplace Artwork - Fired with Ethanol - Buy Art Online & Commission-Free Directly from Artist

Ethanol Fireplace Sculpture
Art for Sale: €15.500,-

Unique Metal Design - Contemporary Sculpture - Fired with Ethanol

Unique Metal Design 'Fireball'

Rusted Fireplace Mantel for Living Room

Fireplace Mantel - Rusted Steel

Custom Fireplace Mantels

Fireplace Mantel

'Oblique Position'

'Web Of Lines'

'Predetermined Breaking Point'