Applied Art | Metal Furnitures | Bar Carbinets | Extraordinary | Coffee Tables

made of brass, bronze, corten steel (rusted steel) or stainless steel

Contemporary Bar Counter | Applied Metal Art
Applied Art | Bar Counter
Modern Art Furniture
Modern Art Furniture 'Squash 2'
Modern Art | Dining Table
Applied Art
Dining Table And Metal Lamps
Contemporary Art Furniture
Art Furniture 'Clash Of Contrast'
Welded Art Furniture
Art Furniture
Artistic Metal Cabinet | Welded Art
Artistic Cabinet

Modern Bar Counter

Artistic Shelf

Contemporary Coffee Table

Artistic Bar Furniture

Modern Art Desk

Modern Art Desk 2

Seating | Furniture Art

Extraordinary Table Design

Coffee Table Sculpture

Artistic Seating | Metal Art

Modern Desk design

Desk Design

China Cabi

TV Furniture


Waterbed Frame

Counter | Stool

Coffe Table | Stainless Steel

Metal Art Chairs

Metal Art Chairs

Metal Art Chair

Metal Art Chairs

Metal Art Chair

Metal Art Chair

Seating 'Crash'

Fine Art Furniture


Fine Bar Furniture

Fine Art Furniture 'Tree-Bar'

Metal Carbi
doors made of soldered brass

Canoby Case

Indoor Fountain-Table

Scrap Furniture | Coffee Table

Scrap Furniture | Bench

Canoby 'Glass Wedge

Metall Carbi with Columnar

Bar Carbi | Counter

Metal Art Furnitures | Welded Artistic Bar Counters and Cabinets | Coffee and Dining Tables made of Metal | Fine Art Furniture | Rusted Steel Furniture Sculptures | Aristic Chairs made of Brass, Bronze, Steel or Stainless Steel | Welded Art for Sale | Commissioned Artworks | Designed, Manufactured and Sold by GAHR