Room Installations | Artistic Room Decorations | Applied Art | Interior Design
made of brass, bronze, corten steel (rusted steel) or stainless steel

Artistic Room Design | Unique Interior Design: Plan B'hofen, Austria
Bar Counter, Bar Furniture, Lighting, Room Conception (2011)

Extraordinary Facade Design
PlanB Facade-Design
Artistic Room Design | Interior Design
Room Design 'Metalart-Bar'
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Interior Design | Metal Design for a Nightclub
Interior Design 'Metalart-Bar'
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Interior Design | Room Installations | Wall Decorations
Hotel Enzian**** Obertauern, Austria

Entrance Hall (2003) - Spa (2009

Indoor Waterfall Design
Indoor Waterfall Fountain
Art-Hotel 'Enzian' Austria
Welding Art | Welded Waterfall
Welded Waterfall Fountain
Art-Hotel 'Enzian' Austria
Welded Fire Sculpture | Interior Design
Art-Hotel 'Enzian' Austria
Interior Design | Modern Metal Art
Interior Design
Art-Hotel 'Enzian' Austria


Chapel 'Zu Steinberghof' - Salzburg, Austria
Interior Decoration (2002)

Modern Sacret Architecture
Sacred Architecture
Modern Glass Paintings
Glass Painting

Artistic Chapel Door

Interior Design
Chapel 'Steinberghof'

Interior Design
Chapel 'Steinberghof'

Interior Design
Chapel 'Steinberghof'

Church Altar

Bank of youth 'Cash & Co' - Austria
Interior Decoration + Metal Facade (1999)

Metal Facade | Bank Of Youth

Bank Of Youth 'Cash&Co'

Bank Of Youth 'Cash&Co'

Other projects

Welded Tree Sculpture

Ceiling Art
Wall Art Hanging | Metal Wall Decoration
Wall Decoration

Wall Shelves

Home Cinema Iron Curtain

Water Flower

Decorative Wall Art
Artistic Room Decoration | Vegetative Interior Design
Vegetative Interior Design
Decorative Mirror | Artistic Mirror Frame
Wall Mirror
Welded Metal Tree | Artistic Wall Decoration
Metal Tree Wall Decoration

Entrance Hall Decoration
Modern Wall Decoration for Living Room
Wall Decoration
Metal Design | Interior Design
Interior Design 'Jazz'

Room Installation

Sacred Glass Painting

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