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made of brass, bronze, corten steel (rusted steel) or stainless steel

Contemporary Art | Welded Lighting Sculptures for Sale
Contemporary Art | Lighting Sculpture

Chandelier Sculpture
Modern Metal Art | Ceiling Lamp Design
Ceiling Lamp Design
Modern Chandelier for Living Room | Modern Art Chandelier
Modern Art Chandelier
Metal Ceiling Light | Welded Light Objects
Artistic Ceiling Light
Modern Art | Dining Table
Applied Art | Dining Table Lamps
Artistic Lamps for Living Room
Artistic Lamp
Unique Lighting for Living Room
Ceiling Design | Lighting
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Home Lighting | Modern Art Lighting
Custom Lighting
Custom Lighting
Artistic Wall Lamps
Wall Lamp
Unique Floor Lamps
Floor Lamp | Steel
Modern Art Floor Lamps | Welded Art
Floor Lamp | Rusted Steel
Contemporary Home Lighting | Floor Lamp
Floor Lamp | Bronce
Modern Light Sculptures
Floor Lamp "100-thousand Volt"
Modern Art Lighting
Art Lighting
Welded Iron Floor Lamp
Iron Floor Lamp
Welded Metal Floor Lamp
Metal Floor Lamp

Custom Lighting 2

Light Sculpture

Lighting Sculpture "Bluebell"

Wall Light

Modern Art Lighting Sculptures made of Metal | Contemporary Luminaires made of Stainless Steel | Artistic Floor Lamps | Modern Art Wall Lights made of Glass, Brass, Bronze, Steel or Stainless Steel | Welded Art for Sale | Commissioned Artworks | Designed, Manufactured and Sold by GAHR