Indoor & Outdoor Fountain Sculptures | Artistic Garden Fountains

made of brass, bronze, corten steel (rusted steel) or stainless steel

- chronological order | most recent first -

Welded Metal Fountain Sculpture with a Crystal Ball
Metal Fountain Sculpture

Magic Fountain Sculpture
Blue Water Fountain | Welded Metal Artwork
'Pillars Of Creation' Fountain
Modern Fountain Sculpture for Sale | Image with Metal Artist Robert Gahr
Fountain Sculpture
Welded Globe Fountain made of Stainless Steel and Rusted Steel
Globe Fountain Sculpture
Unique Garden Fountain for Sale. Grinded and Welded Stainless Steel
Garden Fountain Sculpture
Modern Wall Fountain | Welded Metal Art
Modern Wall Fountain
Nine individual panels made of stainless steel
Fountain Art

Waterfall Fountain | Corten-Steel
Welded, grinded and heated stainless steel artwork
Cube Fountain
Indoor Waterfall Sculpture with Blue Glass
Artistic Partitation Wall
Designer Fountain made of Stainless Steel
Fountain | Pedestal
Designer Fountain made of Stainless Steel
Fountain | Pedestal
Waterfall Fountain made of Rusted Steel
Indoor Fountain Sculpture
Art of Stainless Steel and Water
Indoor Fountain Sculptur
Cylinder Fountain made of Steel | Blue Lapislazuli Ball
Cylinder Fountain
Stainless Steel and Bronze Ball Fountain on a Blue Pedestal
Ball Fountain | Pedestal
Welded Artwork of Stainless Steel
Ball Fountain Ø 100cm
Welded Artwork of Stainless Steel and Bronze
Ball Fountain Ø 70cm
Welded Wall Artwork | With Several Small Waterfalls
Indoor Wall Fountain
Four Disks with Welded Bronze Cracks
Wall Fountain 4-parts
Big Disk with Grinded Coninents and Welded Sea Areas
Square Sized Wall Fountain Made of Stainless Steel and Glas
Modern Fountain Design
Stainless / Glas
Stainless Steel Ball and a Welded Bronze-Crack
Ball Fountain Ø 100cm
bronze ditch
Welded Artwork
Bronze Wall Fountain
Welded Wall Decoration
Wall Decoration
In The Stairway
Welded Artwork with a Glas Disk
Disc Fountain
Scrap Sculpture with a Little Waterfall
Garden Fountain
Scrap Fountain
Welded Copper Sculpture with a Big Stone
Fountain | River Stone
Indoor Bronze Fountain with Marble Ball
Cylinder Fountain | Bronze
Welded Sculpture
Ball Fountain | Bronze
Fountain made of three Brass Balls and Copper Pipes
Indoor Fountain
Standing Glass Fountain
Brass and Bronze Welded Artwork
Wall Fountain Sculpture Ø 140cm
Wall Fountain with a Map of the World
'Earth Fountain'
Welded of Stainless Steel
Cone Fountain
Stainless / Bronze
Wall Fountain made of Steel
Welded Copper Artwork
Stand Fountain | Copper
Copper-Tubes and River-Stones
Outdoor Wall Waterfall | Copper

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