Herbert Gahr | Metallkünstler

Herbert Gahr

1951 born in Salzburg/Austria
1972 master's in mechanical engineering
1975 master's as a welder
1980 starts working as a freelance metal artist
till 2013
2014 died of cancer at 30th july

BREAK is a determining element in most my works. The most radical BREAK was on the beginning of my artistic activity. On my thirtieth birthday I finished my job of production manager in a metal construction company in order to dedicate myself henceforth to the art.

The way from candle luminaire to casino gate along the Kärnterstraße lasted exactly 10 years. It always gave new feelings of success which allowed to forget all difficulties (in fact, only financial ones).

The BREAK line appeared again and again, either in glass-BREAK which, in its turn, breaks the light, in BREAK-in of balls, in BREAK-up of lead.

For BREAK-up of cylinder well I was inspired by broken-off tree trunks of avalanche swath in the Hochkönig region - in the same way as the NATURE on the whole is my tutor. The VEGETATIVE line which begins in a most inconspicuous way, grows and grows - it is accidentally apparent. I believe that the VEGETATIVE line will survive, for it has nothing to do with 'dictated' lines in contemporary design.

Nowadays design is made in most cases by somebody with the help of computer and also produced in the same way by somebody - it makes things so SOULLESS.

Welds are used in my objects in the capacity of decorative element, they are often performed in a super strong way with the aim of joining the BREAK and reinforcing the VEGETATIVE line. In a ready object through it the energy can be felt which was introduced in the process of formation.