Herbert Gahr, Robert Gahr, Stefan Gahr

vlnr.: Stefan Gahr, Herbert Gahr (†30.06.2014), Robert Gahr


Molkereistrasse 10
5500 Bischofshofen

Stefan Gahr +436641432318


You are Interested in Buying an Artwork?

If an already existing artwork is still available the price is declared below the image. The declared prizes are inclusive 13% VAT.
() means the artwork has been sold.

Within the EU:
The packing and delivery costs amount additional ~5% of the net-prize.

Outside the EU:
The customers don't have to pay the 13% tax, but customs administration and perhaps customs.
(In many countrys such as the states, canada, switzerland, many arabic countrys there are no customs on original artworks!)
The packing and delivery costs amount additional ~13% of the net-prize.
Consequently the overall prize inclusive packing and delivery, but exclusive customs is about the declared prize!

For commissional work we contemplate the case and sketch it in a costless artist's impression. The definitive look of the artwork orginates later during the work in the studio. The ordering includes a payment in advance of 30-50%. The remainder falls due to payment after sending photos of the finished artwork. Afterwards the shipping takes place in a professional packaging.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information!

(All prizes on this website are subject to change)

You Want to Visit our Studio?

Our atelier and the gallery is located in a former dairy in the city center of the small town Bischofshofen. We are surrounded by a marvellous landscape with mountains and a waterfall.

Fassade des Atelier Gahr
Türgriff des Atelier Gahr

Images: The Metal Art Gallery - located along the main thoroughfare of Bischofshofen

Werkstatt-Fassade des Atelier Gahr

Image: Atelier/Studio on the back of the building complex


Our studio is 50km south of Salzburg Airport.

Größere Kartenansicht

Tipp: You could combine a visit with a ski-/hiking holiday!

Please be aware, that we have no regular opening hours!
It is absolutely neccessary to forebode your visit!