Applied Art | Artistic Railings | Metal Gates | Extraordinary Banisters

made of brass, bronze, corten steel (rusted steel) or stainless steel

Garden Gate
'Vegetative Line'

Artistic Metal Creation
Railing Sculpture

Balcony Railing

Applied Art
Balcony Railing

Unique Garden Gate

Artistic Banister

Entrance Gate


Garden Gate | Corten Steel

Entrance Door

Pedestrian Gate

Metal Balcony

Artistic Exterior Door

Entrance Door

Entrance Door
Casino Vienna

Stainless Steel Gate

Gate 'GAHR'

Cementary Gate

Metal Gate

Rusted Steel Fence

Garden Gate

Stairway Railings

Balcony Railing


Welded Artistic Railings | Modern Banisters made of Metal | Aristic Garden Gates and Doors of Rusted Steel | Applied Art made of Brass, Bronze, Steel or Stainless Steel | Welded Art for Sale | Commissioned Artworks | Designed, Manufactured and Sold by GAHR