Welded Metal Art | Artistic Metal Design from Austria

The artist's family Gahr makes unusual out of metal.
In our own use of forms we originate highly imaginative works with the welding torch.
On this page you find a cross section of metal art for the last 35 years.

GAHR | metalart
Image: In the year 2008 this globe-fountain was realised by the Austrian metal artist - Herbert Gahr
More images of this metalart fountain and many more unique artworks: - Waterfall Fountains

Art Insipired by Nature

GAHR | Metal Art Inspired by Nature
Image: Award-winning art project 'Reflections', 2003
Many more sculptures made of corten steel, stainless steel, bronze and brass: - Metal Sculptures

Welded Sculptures | Lighting Designs

GAHR | Welded Art | The Art of Welding
Image: This unique welded artwork consists of billions of tiny weld spots!
Lighting sculptures and applied welding art: - Lighting Sculptures

Unique Metal Design

GAHR | Metal Design
Image: Ethanol fireplace sculpture 'Burning Inside'
Fireplace sculptures and ethanol fireplaces: - Fireplace Mantels

Colorful Wall Objects Made of Stainless and Rusted Steel, Brass and Bronze

GAHR | Welded Wall Art by Robert Gahr
Image: Welded wall art piece 'Red Disk' by Austrian metal artist Robert Gahr
Exclusive wall hangings, reliefs, welded wall objects: - Metal Wall Art

Welded Art for over 30 Years

GAHR | Welded Art by Stefan Gahr
Image: Metal art sculpture 'Master-Slave' by Stefan Gahr | welded steel and bronze
Dreamdancer and welded artworks: - Figurative Sculptures

Applied Art in Metal

GAHR | Applied Metal Art
Image: Unique club design | Applied art designed and manufactured by ATELIER GAHR
Interior decoration and artistic room concepts: - Interior Design

Metal Art from Europe

Image: Welding performance in front of 19.000 visitors in Cologne, Germany
Unique sport awards and applied metal art: - Trophies | Awards

Commissional Works for World-Famous Events | Exclusive Artistic Awards

GAHR | Unique Artistic Award Made by Austrian Metal Artist
Image: Handball Champions League Trophy - designed annually since 2010 by ATELIER GAHR
Applied artworks and commissional metal sculptures: - Trophies | Awards

Contemporary Engraving Art on Stainless Steel

GAHR | Engraving Art on Stainless Steel>
Image: Stainless steel wall artwork 'Pole of Inspiration' - 3 months of welding and engraving
Fine artworks and wall hangings: - Metal Wall Art

Garden Sculptures | Exclusive Metal Art

GAHR | Garden Sculpture Art of Mirror Polished Stainless Steel
Image: Seat sculpture 'Squash' made of mirror polished stainless steel | Metal art for your garden
Unique furniture and applied art in exraordinary style: - Furniture Art

Grave Designs | Rusted Steel Artworks

GAHR | Modern grave design
Image: Family grave for a blacksmith | Rusted , red stainless and mirror polished stainless steel
Unique grave crosses and welded memorials - Grave Markers

Pioneers of Welded Art

Image: Metal artist - Stefan Gahr
The artist family GAHR has developed several different welding techniques in the past 35 years

Stainless Steel Art

Image: Stainless steel sculpture by - Robert Gahr
Mirror polished surface in combination with wild welding lines.

1 Family - 3 Metal Artists

Image: Stefan Gahr, Herbert Gahr †, Robert Gahr

Metal Art and Design from Austria

GAHR | Metal Sculpture
Image: A welded crack of the metal sculpture 'Miriam'

On the website of Herbert, Stefan and Robert Gahr you will find unique artworks

Our product spectrum encloses:
Applied art in an alternative form and technology | Artistic creation | Exclusive metal art and design from Salzburg | Individual metal art in the sacred area | Artistic metal creation in the public area | Metal art in the spatial arrangement | Exclusive light objects | Wall pictures, gates, water objects, sculptures, furniture objects and tombs | Metal art according to the model of the nature | Unique specimens | Wall art | Exclusive metal art for the garden...

Made from bronze, brass, steel (iron), stainless steel (rustproof steel) and glass

Art from Metal

Selected Works:

Metalart for Fašade, Metal Art for Interior Decoration, Sacred Metalart, Metalart Grave Cross, Metal Art Furniture, Metalart and Light, Metal Wall Art, Metalart For Hotel, Metal Garden Art, Metalart Sculptures, Metal Art Awards, Applied Metalart, Metal Art and Water, Welding Art, Metal Design,


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